Julia Jackson and Princess Elizabeth

The Julia Secession

I was just researching Julia’s several versions of Ophelia, and wondering over an image I found of a sculpture of Ophelia dieing (Death of Ophelia) by Sarah Bernhardt, (whom in my ignorance, I did not know that she was (also) an accomplished painter and sculptor), and talking with a friend John Evans who is the official guide to Dimbola, when he mentioned that there was a sculpture of Julia Jackson in St Thomas Minster in Newport.

1855_Marochetti_Princess-Elizabeth_c Carlo Marochetti: Tomb of Princess Elizabeth, St Thomas Minster, Newport Isle of Wight. Elizabeth, daughter of Charles I, famous for the harrowing account of her father’s execution, died age 14 years in 1650. Marochetti was commissioned by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.

Carlo Marochetti was the sculptor most favoured by Victoria and Albert, and he was a regular attendee and participant at the Little Holland House salon of Julia’s sister, Sarah Prinsep…

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